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KAMANDZIIR is a secure, web-based, end-user password reset management application which helps to end-user to perform password reset on their own, unlock his account and update his own certain personal details (e.g. telephone numbers, etc) in Microsoft Windows Active Directory. KAMANDZIIR also helps to manage and monitor the operations of the AD service and ensures that the AD is behaving accurately. Administrators find it easy to automate password resets, account unlocks while managing and optimizing the expenses associated with helpdesk calls.

Features End-User (Password Management Portal):

We are providing Mobile Access (Mobile App) to users for the following tasks which reduce the password related issues which is faced by various users

  • User Enrolment: User has to register himself. While registering, system will ask him to update / enter his mobile No. and select the Security questions and answers for the same.
  • Password Reset: When any user forgets his password, he can access the portal using mobile or desktop and request to reset the password. The request goes to AD and the password gets reset. The changed password will be send back to user as SMS to his registered mobile no. Using this SMS (OTP), user can login and he can reset the password.
  • Unlock User: When user tried to login with wrong password and when the AD locks the user, using the portal, user can unlock himself.
  • Profile Update: There is need to change some information, like change of address, and some other details can be updated by user itself. This help organization to get the updated information of all the users time to time.
  • Password Expiry Reminder: Portal will send reminder SMS to every user whose password is going to expire within next seven days. There are many users who are not online for longer period, particularly salesforce, system will send reminder to such users by SMS.

Features IT Administrator (User Management Portal):

1. Reports:
  • List of Inactive Users.
  • List of Enabled Users.
  • List of Disabled Users.
  • List of Users Which are Having Status as Password Never Expire
  • List of Password Expires Users.
  • List of Lockout Users.
  • List 0f empty attributes like (Designation, Department and etc.)
  • List of Users Who Reset Their Password.
  • List of Users Who Reset Their Password.
  • Dashboard showing recently added users, deleted users etc.

2. Delete User Account: System will display the list of all Disabled AD users. IT Administrator can select and delete all the users. Once IT Administrator, the user will get deleted from AD. In application, we are keeping logs of these deleted users.

3. Make User Disable on Last Working Day: Application will make user inactive / disable on last working day on specified time (particularly for users who are leaving organization). Administrator need to update the last working date, and system will take care of making user login after the specified time.

4. Synchronization: UMP synchronizes following details automatically with scheduled

  • AD Users
  • OU Path
  • Computer