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Spine HR Suite

"SPINE HR SUITE" is a very comprehensive, user friendly, scalable software that caters any complex HRMS process with ease. Spine Technologies are the leading HRMS Software Solution provider globally. Anotteros is authorised Global Consulting partner of Spine Technologies for their HRMS software. Spine HR Suite stores complete records of the employees fulfill most of Compliance, that takes care of all your requirements relating to management, workflow and accounting employees.

Over the past decade, SPINE has gained vast expertise by serving thousands of clients across all the segments & across India and overseas. Spine HR Suite solutions are been used, trusted and appreciated by major segments where HR, Accounts, IT & Admin Teams have benefited with integrated solution.

Spine HR Suite is designed in a way that entire organization can connect to common system. The roles and responsibility can be assign and partial module or function rights can be shared. Going one step ahead, Spine HR Suite is also equipped with additional data partitioning utility with which the data access restriction can be made on various hierarchy of the organization.

Strong WORKFLOW with unlimited level with escalation based on period as well as numbers. catering around total 37 workflow with multiple Approver at same level.

Spine HR Suite:-

The SPINE HR SUITE consists of the following modules that will manage all your HR department activities:

  • 1. Spine EIS & Payroll: Automates your human resource management process & focus on managing your most estimable assets -your employees.
  • 2. Employee Self Service (eSSM): Interactive interface with which important data can be self-extracted.
  • 3. eSSm Advance: Empowering Managers with Advanced features to ascertain & perform transnational HR activities.
  • 4. Employee Life Cycle: Recognizes stages in employee's career path to assist their manager/ management and optimize associated processes.
  • 5. Workflow: Scale Up & Transform Organization Hierarchy and Process Flow.
  • 6. Leave Management: Automate Leave transaction Adhering To policy.
  • 7. Time Attendance Management: Track & Manage workforce Clock In and Clock Out.
  • 8. Claims / Reimbursement Management: High-tech Way to Raise/ Reimburse Claims Approvals.
  • 9. Expense Management: Settle Expense Vouchers through Digital Way.
  • 10. Training and Induction Management: Discover & Nurture Skills with Learning Route and Roster.
  • 11. Performance Management System (PMS): Evaluate & Appraise Employee Performance to Faster Growth.
  • 12. Recruitment Management: Acquire Right candidate For the Right Position.
  • 13. Time Sheet Management: Capture & Monitor the productive time devoted on each project.
  • 14. Travel Request Management: Manage travel planner as per Travel Policy.
  • 15. Helpdesk management: Digitized ear to your employee's voice!
  • 16. Visitor Management System: Streamlines Check in and Check out Details of Visitors.
  • 17. Spine HR Mobile: Allow employees to access their data anytime from anywhere when they need it and trace them with Geo tagging.

Spine Payroll

Spine Payroll is very simple, flexible and user-friendly Payroll Management software that takes care of all your requirements relating to employee’s information & salary calculation along with compliance. Spine Payroll captures complete records of the employees, tracks Leave balances, computes Payout & salary reconciliation and generates all Statutory & MIS reports. Over the past decade, SPINE has gained vast expertise by serving thousands of client across India and overseas countries. Spine Payroll solution is being used, trusted and appreciated by major segments where Accounts, HR, Payroll & Admin Teams have benefited with integrated solution. System is designed in a way that all of them are connected to same database system with roles and responsibility based on partial module or function rights. Going one step ahead, Spine Payroll is also equipped with additional Grade / Branch utility with data access restriction to have confidential management payroll.

The SPINE PAYROLL consists of the following modules that will manage all your Payroll department activities:-

  • 1. EIS: Comprehensive Employee information System (EIS) from Basic Employee Information, Qualification, Previous job experience, past emolument, document management.
  • 2. Salary Calculation: Different types of salary calculation methods based on annual / Calendar/ 30 days / calendar excluding weekly offs/ daily basis etc.
  • 3. Monthly Reconciliation: The whole process is very user friendly; user can select his own criteria to get the accurate result.
  • 4. Payslip: Email pay slips and IT projection instead of printing them (to group of employees or individually) giving tremendous cost saving.
  • 5. Arrears Calculation: You may set up rules for each allowance and deduction whether they affect arrears or not.
  • 6. Bank Statement: Bank Statement for direct salary transfer to individual employee bank account.
  • 7. T.D.S (Income Tax): Tax Projection with expected TDS to be deducted from the current month's salary. Generation of From 16/16 AA, From 12-BA, From 24Q eTDS, From 27A and ITNS 281 challan of Income Tax.
  • 8. Import Existing Data: Past records which are stored in excel format can be easily imported which helps to quick GO Live.
  • 9. Letter Writing: Provision to define multiple letter templates to ease the communication with employees.
  • 10. Charts: Dynamic Org charts, Tree structure, Charts and graphs on net salary or any user define formula or employee count/ department, branch basis etc.
  • 11. F n F: Full & Final Settlement with recovery of assets & revoking the charges of employee.
  • 12. Report Writer: Besides the statutory reports and monthly payslips & MIS reports user can design his own customized reports with powerful report writer tool.
  • 13. Statutory Compliance: Calculating and generating PF, ESIC, PT, MLWF & Income Tax(TDs).
  • 14. Asset Management: Employee wise asset allocation and recovery.
  • 15. Web Based Module: Multi user facility with superior access control or internet / intranet.