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In the early years of mobility, the MDM was a powerful tool that enabled the IT manage mobile devices and maintain its security. But still over the period of time the IT faced challenge in mobile management as the company needs grew with increase in mobile workforce having different mobile devices and having more features and functionalities in those devices. The enterprise need is to see their mobile workforce be productive out of office as they were within office. The requirement raised to access various applications and important data securely. Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is an all-encompassing approach to securing and enabling employee use of smartphones and tablets. In addition to addressing security concerns, a strong EMM strategy helps employees be more productive by providing them with the tools they need to perform work-related tasks on mobile devices anytime and from anywhere.

EMM typically involves some combination of mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM) and mobile information management (MIM). MDM focuses on locking down mobile devices, while MAM focuses on controlling which users can access which applications and MIM focuses on allowing only approved applications to access corporate data or transmit it.

These three technologies all address specific concerns, but do not provide complete solutions for the problems that enterprise mobility can cause or make worse. The overlap between MDM, MAM and MIM is actually quite minimal. The challenge lies in managing all three concerns with minimal overhead. As more organizations adopt enterprise mobility management, vendors have started to productize EMM, usually by adding MAM or MIM features to their MDM products or vice versa. An enterprise app store or other application delivery and deployment technology is also a common component of EMM products.

We offer full spectrum of services, Consulting - Design - Development - Support services, to develop holistic solutions that address the mobility needs of our client organizations.

Mobility Consulting Services Mobility Consulting Services

We help organizations in developing cogent mobile strategy which is aligned to your business. Our mobile consulting builds the mobility roadmap aligned to your corporate strategies providing the mobile architecture consulting with the technology to build solution. Our technical expertise helps you to plan the application framework, design architecture, platforms and security. We help you design the security and plan the data integration across channels.

Native mobileMobile Application Development

Anotteros comprehensive mobile application solutions transforms your business processes and customer communications with dynamic integrated mobile applications tailored to your organization structure and needs. Our mobile application development services build a comprehensive mobility solution to empower and engage your customers. We don’t just design for specification but design for performance as well.

Smart Mobility SolutionsSmart Mobility Solutions

Mobile phones in addition to providing cheap computing power, also give us valuable information such as location, identity, connectivity and a host of useful tools.

byod 01Managed BYOD Mobility

The current trend of BYOD environment can be difficult process to manage and our mobility specialists can assist you through the potential benefits, costs and technical considerations needed to integrate and secure BYOD devices in your IT environment.