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Enterprise Data Warehouse and Data Mart

The enterprise data warehouse and data mart is typically a large organization-wide database repository that crosses over every business function and includes data from every organizational unit, division, and department. In essence, an enterprise data warehouse is a substantially large repository of historical and current transaction data of an entire organization. As an implementation of an enterprise data warehouse is commonly strategic in nature, the volume of data in enterprise data warehouses tends to be quite large. Enterprise data warehouses can contain hundreds of gigabytes, terabytes, and sometimes even petabytes of data. The data warehouse or data mart, is integrated and cleansed and re-organized into subject areas. This in turns helps business leaders to make informed decisions by providing an enterprise view of the business.

Data warehouses and data marts are repositories that provide organizations with subject-oriented, integrated, time-variant and non-volatile collection of data. These repositories are designed to support strategic reporting, by analysis of historical information across different aggregation levels.

The data warehouse or data mart provides the capability to incorporate historical data into analysis. This is the biggest benefit of data warehouses and data marts, where, even with all the changes in source systems, business rules, hierarchies reorganized, businesses can still do analysis like trending, time-series, and “AS IS and AS WAS” reporting accurately.

To achieve a “Single Version of the Truth” and world class actionable intelligence from the data warehouse, organizations need to spend more time on data sourcing, data profiling, data definition, meeting business rules for integration and consistent definition, etc. According to industry best practices, 70-percent of the time to implement a data warehouse or data mart solution is spent in doing these tasks, which are the foundation of a robust data warehousing solution.

Our Enterprise Data Warehouse Value Proposition

Our Data Warehouse and Data Marts solution is backed by a global team of experts who provide comprehensive implementation, support, and education services to accelerate your return on investment (ROI). Expert technical consultants with extensive product knowledge can design and deploy a range of quality software solutions to meet your business requirements. Technical support analysts are ready to help you troubleshoot and resolve your day-to-day challenges promptly and effectively. And skilled course developers and instructors are available to educate all levels of your staff, enabling optimum performance, increasing productivity, and encouraging long-term expertise.

  • Provides a complete view of an organization’s business in support of decision making processes
  • Provide one detailed, and consistent view of the customer from multiple data sources
  • Innovative intelligent in-memory processing
  • Achieving the level of performance, scalability, and availability required by the business
  • Advanced in-database analytics and intelligent in-memory processing
  • Eliminate time required in reconciling conflicting data between individuals and teams
  • Optimized business analytic engine that provides the greatest business value at the lowest total cost of ownership