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Business Intelligence

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The need of better decision making at all levels in every organization irrespective of industry is always there to achieve corporate goals. Presenting the actionable information to the right business users at the right time can be achieved by business intelligence and analytics. Business Intelligence is the process of analyzing large amounts of corporate data (internal & external), usually stored in large databases such as the Data Warehouse, tracking business performance, detecting patterns and trends, and helping enterprise business users make better decisions.

Many leading organization have made heavy investments in Core Banking, ERP, CRM, HRMS, SCM applications over the last decade and managing information is becoming critical for business growth. Increased competition due to globalisation has necessitated effective and faster decision making across all functions. Business optimisation can be effectively achieved by making data analysis possible at all levels. Single View representation and analysis of enterprise data will add an additional thrust to smart decisions.

The right analytics technology can help turn raw data into actionable intelligence that will move your company forward. With the pursuit of better decisions in mind, many leading organizations are looking for an expert analytics partner to help them build a Unified BI infrastructure to further help gain a sustainable competitive advantage in the market.

Run your business successfully the intelligent way Experience an Intelligent way to run your business

Anotteros Business Intelligence consulting practice helps you leverage our consulting and architecture services to do the following:

  • Feasibility Study: business requirement feasibility influencing current or new technology platforms.
  • Architecture Study: Evaluate current architecture and technology platforms can manage existing and future requirements.
  • Platform Assessment: Suggest platforms/ tools to help achieve your business needs.

  • Reengineer Legacy Data Warehouses and Data Marts
  • Design and Develop Data Preprocessing for Business Analytics
  • Design and Develop Data Warehouse and Data Marts
  • Data Profiling and Data Quality Practices

  • BI & Analytics case: Help monitor market condition, future trends, spot new opportunities.
  • Low TCO: Ensure increased ROI and lower TCO on technology investments.
  • Rollout Roadmap: Document the entire BI and Analytics rollout roadmap basis business strategy.

Our Value Proposition

We partner with you as our valued customers to help you:-

  • Enable become insight driven organization.
  • Achieve higher ROI and lower TCO.
  • Deploy BI reports in shortest time.
  • Provide highly scalable analytical solutions to help mitigate risks, reduce cost and optmise revenue.
  • Provide successful implementation with a focused approach, functional and technology experts
  • Provide insights that predicts and delivers the solution to influence the business outcome.
  • Provide real time business insights with KPIs & Dashboards

With ad hoc queries, user-selected queries, and OLAP you create deeper analysis into why something happened, creating customer segmentation for better customer behavior analysis, analysis of most selling products as per market segmentation useful for marketing strategies, monitor enterprise functional department wise performances, and performance monitoring by customers, product, regions and by other dimensions.

  • Provide enterprise wide reporting for strategic level, tactical level and operational levels Fast, accurate business intelligence reporting and actionable information.
  • Anticipating trends in your business and accordingly tweak corporate plans to meet emerging trends
  • Manage voluminous data in shorter time frame.
  • Organize and interpret real-time data quickly